Greg Graeber, M.E.

Greg Graeber, M.E.

Marine Educator

2008, University of South Alabama


Greg hails from Jackson, Mississippi, where he developed a fondness for sharks at an early age. Though he played sports throughout high school, he was never good enough to go pro and make millions of dollars. So, he pursued his sharky dreams at Auburn University and DISL as an undergraduate. Once out of school, he worked a bit in the music business, booking concerts, then at a zoo, a science center, and finally the Sea Lab, where he has now taught in the Discovery Hall Programs since 2003.  He received his Masters in Secondary Science Education from the University of South Alabama in 2008. He is married with two kids, and has a small zoo of pets. He loves sports, is a bad drummer (but loves it), and still gets excited when he catches a shark (or the occasional sea turtle) while teaching!

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