Undergraduate Funding

Exploring the Chemical Ecology of Tropical Marine Systems Scholarship

Deadline for Applications:  February 15, 2019

Class dates:  May 6 – 30, 2019, In the Bahamas: May 11-25
Where:  Kenyon Research Centre, Abaco, Bahamas
Total cost of the class:  ~$3299* (based on the cost of tuition at USA)  
Program costs included flights; all overseas transportation, including all specified excursions and airport transfers; accommodations; all daily meals; and international health insurance and emergency assistance.  
*This could vary slightly, dependent on the tuition cost for each MESC school.  

Students will learn about the chemical ecology of tropical marine ecosystems through active hands-on learning in coral reef ecosystems in the Abaco Islands, Bahamas. Students will be will learn about benthic community structure, food web dynamics, marine biochemistry, and primary and secondary metabolite production and use in these environments. Formal lectures will be accompanied by activities in the field to fully immerse students into the topics discussed in the classroom. Students will work together to develop research questions focused on tropical marine chemical ecology and actively participate in research to investigate these questions. 

Scholarship/Funding:  Scholarship opportunities are available from CiguaPIRE (an NSF funded program to facilitate international research and education) to assist with the costs of the course.  Space will be limited, and scholarship money will be awarded to students meeting the criteria for the award after evaluation of all applicants.  Applications review will evaluate interest, life experiences in addition to educational performance.  Scholarship amount will be awarded based on the number of students that apply but will be no less than $1000 per student. Students scholarships can be used towards all costs except tuition.  

Important Dates:
Application deadline:  February 15, 2019
Decisions made by February 20, 2019
USA OIE Deposit due:  February 22, 2019 (USA students only*)
DISL course deposit due:  March 8, 2019

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Student Fellowship


The Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL) may offer fellowships for the 2019 Summer Programs. Fellowships will be awarded on an academically competitive basis to applicants of demonstrated financial need who are enrolled at DISL member institutions. The Rita George Fellowship will be awarded to qualified students demonstrating exceptional financial need. The George F. Crozier Scholarship in Coastal Policy is available to students with demonstrated financial need who are interested in coastal zone policy and coastal zone management.

Fellowships are available to both undergraduate and graduate students registered for a minimum of 4 semester hours per session at DISL and enrollment for a minimum of two summer sessions.

A complete fellowship application must include the following documents:
  • A completed DISL Summer School application form
  • A certified transcript
  • A written statement by the student indicating career goals, the role of the DISL summer program in the student's curriculum and the need for assistance.
  • Documentation of need
    • A letter from the campus Financial Aid Office is preferred. However, a statement by the student indicating how the student's college expenses have been covered and the efforts by the student to support college costs may be accepted
    • Documented proof of need (tax returns)
  • Two letters of recommendation providing an evaluation of the student's academic performance.
  • GRE scores (graduate students). ACT/SAT scores (undergraduate students)

Qualifications/Restrictions: Applicants must be majoring or minoring in marine science or taking a concentration in marine science, depending on the structure of the particular campus program.

Compensation: Each fellowship will be awarded for up to 12 weeks with compensation varying from room and board (7-day meal ticket), lab fee and/or activity fee. However, the fellowship does not apply towards tuition costs or additional fees/expenses for the travel costs associated with courses such as Biology and Conservation of Marine Turtles.

**Additional fellowships are provided by some DISL member schools. Consult your campus liaison officer for availability on your campus.

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For more information contact Regina Kollegger, University Programs Registrar (rkollegger@disl.org) Dauphin Island Sea Lab, 101 Bienville Blvd., Dauphin Island, AL. 36528. Phone: (251) 861-2141, ext. 7526. Fax: (251) 861-7540.

Work Study


Several part-time positions may also be available for students enrolled in a minimum of 4 semester hours per term at DISL. Preference will be given to students who are enrolled in more than one term, but consideration will be given students enrolled in only one term.

The Work/Study positions are:

  • Dorm Monitor: Must be a graduate student. Must be in residence for at least two sessions and be able to be present on campus at least one-half of the weekends. Compensation is $125 per week, plus a private room/board in the dormitory. (2 positions available).
  • Library Aides: Expected to: work up to 10 hours per week during evenings and weekends after normal staff hours, assist students in the library and perform clerical tasks needed in the library and computer lab.

Summer Programs Dorm monitor 

May term (May 13 – 24), First (May 27 – June 28), Second (July 1 – August 2, 2018)


  • Minimum of 2.50 cumulative G.P.A. Residence hall living and/or student leadership experience is required.
  • Dorm Monitors/RA must have a clean driving record and valid driver’s license and cleared to drive on DISL insurance.
  • Dorm Monitors/RA may be required to attend CPR training if not certified.
  • There are two dorm monitors in Challenger Dorm. Male dorm monitor lives in Challenger 101, female monitor in 201. Males are typically housed on first floor; females second floor.
  • Dorm Monitors/RA must be in residence for all three sessions and be able to be present on campus at least one-half of the weekends coordinating duties with other dorm monitors.
  • Dorm Monitors/RA should plan to arrive at least four to six days before the term starts.

Basic Dorm Monitor/RA Job Description:
A Dorm Monitor/RA is the student staff member for Challenger Dormitory, a residence hall area at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. The Dorm Monitor/RA is a student leader among their peers. Act as assistant to and under the supervision of the University Programs Registrar, the major responsibilities of the Dorm Monitor/RA include: assigning dorm rooms, promoting community; developing relationships; helping to establish and maintain a healthy residential environment conducive to academic and personal growth; assisting with the disciplinary procedure as necessary; implementing University and Housing policies; and assisting with individual student needs, transporting students to airport, events and such required by University Programs Registrar.

Specific Dorm Monitor/RA Duties:

  • Must practice confidentiality, be trustworthy, reliable, and able to communicate and follow rules and direction from University Program Registrar.
  • Be willing to commit for the entire summer (approximately 12 weeks). Remain on campus before and after the term for administrative responsibilities – make room assignments, distribute keys, submit the required paperwork and current reports to University Programs Registrar.
  • Serve as the on-call staff member for the residential area throughout the Summer Programs and holiday breaks as scheduled; rotating with other dorm monitors so that one of the two is always on campus, transport students to the airport if needed, etc.
  • Recognize that the Dorm Monitor/RA position is your primary out-of-class obligation.
  • Demonstrate the characteristics of a Dorm Monitor/RA Servant-Leader.
  • Facilitate community success by encouraging programming efforts and resident engagement.
  • Administer the procedures and policies assigned by University Programs Registrar and Chair of University Programs.
  • Serve as a resource to residents.
  • Assist with emergency situations and illnesses.
  • Report and follow-up with maintenance/dorm concerns (work orders).
  • Be available and present for your residents as needed.
  • Control noise and unruly residents and/or guests.
  • Assist in the opening and closing procedures of the building as necessary (keeping doors locked, vacant rooms locked, etc.)
  • Serve as a liaison to the residential community through University Programs Registrar.
  • Support, promote, & implement programs as directed by the University Programs Registrar (by personal attendance.)
  • Communicate campus information as needed to University Programs Registrar.

Dorm Monitor/RA Compensation: Private room, meal plan, and $ 125.00-week compensation.

Download Dorm Monitor Application

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Library Aide 

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL) is offering up to 5 Library Aide positions for the 2019 Summer Programs: May Term: May 13 – May 24, First Session: May 27 - June 28, Second Session: July 1 – August 2, 2018. Library aides are under the supervision of the University Programs Registrar.


  • Library Aides should be enrolled in a minimum of 2 summer sessions.
  • Library Aides must be mature and have a solid academic record
  • Preference will be given students who are enrolled in more than one term, but consideration will be given students enrolled in one term.


  • Assist in the library up to 10 hours per week.
  • Work evenings and weekends after normal staff hours.
  • Assist students as required in the library and computer lab.
  • Perform clerical tasks needed in library and computer lab.
  • Provide library and computer lab security after normal work week hours.

Compensation: $7.25 per hour.

A complete application must include the following documentation: (1) A completed application form, (2) a statement from student outlining any relevant experience, and (3) two letters of reference from individual(s) qualified to evaluate your performance of the responsibilities.

Download Library Aide Application

Apply Online

Address inquiries and applications to: Regina Kollegger, University Programs Registrar (rkollegger@disl.org) Dauphin Island Sea Lab, 101 Bienville Blvd., Dauphin Island, AL. 36528. Phone: (251) 861-2141, ext. 7526. Fax: (251) 861-7540 

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